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Transforming Hearts, Enriching Minds

A science outreach organization committed to spreading love and acceptance through the joy of science

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THEM in STEM: Transcendent Humans Educating, Motivating, and Inpsiring through Stories, Talks, Entertainment, and More! @them.instem

About Us

We are Transcendent Humans Educating, Motivating, and Inspiring through Stories, Talks, Entertainment and More!

The world is more beautiful with an appreciation of science and of the unique, beautiful things each of us brings. And it never hurts to add a little sparkle!

Our Offerings: Science Storytime with Rubella Wonder! Silly Stories with Syd! Nighttime Firefly Walks! Local Science Events! ... and much more to come! @them.instem

Our Programs

Science Storytimes with Rubella Wonder!

Silly Storytimes with Syd Science!

Local Science Events in Sylva, NC!

And plenty more to come!

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